Nutrition Therapy – Food Plays A Crucial Role In A Healthy, Active Body

Nutritional therapy uses a scientifically based, natural approach to health. It is based on the principle that persons are unique, with different constitutions, bodies, stresses, lifestyles, family medical history and demands. Every single cell in your body needs nutrients and natural life-giving energy, for constant regeneration. Consequently, much of your well being and wellness is the result of the foods you eat and your relationship to food. How you prepare your food is crucial. Where and how your foods are grown, are all important factors influencing health.

In my experience as a Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist, Naturopath, I have worked to support many individuals with different health problems and imbalances, including:

Auto-immune conditions, food & gluten sensitivities

Adrenal fatigue hormonal imbalances

Gall stones

Arthritis Hypertension

Cancer kidney stones

Chronic Fatigue ME Lyme Disease/Coinfections

Constipation Pre-conceptual Care

Depression/Mood swings Pregnancy

Menopausal issues

Diabetes Psoriasis

Digestive/Bowel problems Sinus issues Eczema Stress

Fertility Sleep problems

Immune support Thyroid imbalances

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