Consultation & Fees

FREE 15 Minutes Before Your First Consultation

I am available to answers any questions you may have before we meet, by phone or by email. When you have booked your consultation, I will email or post you a brief questionnaire and food diary form, which I would ask you to complete, over the next week, if that is possible. I am able to order blood tests, stool tests, adrenal & thyroid tests, digestive function tests, etc, and explain the results in detail. If you need your own medical test reports explained or need information about vaccinations, contact me.

First Consultation – 1 ½ hours

Adult – £150
Child – £120
Skype – £150

An initial consultation starts with the taking of your case history, by asking questions about your health, current symptoms, past medical history, including medications, any stresses in your life, diet, and lifestyle. With the physical examination, I may look at your tongue, nails, eyes, pulse and take your blood pressure. The aim is to uncover the root causes of your health concerns Together. we will work out a realistic strategy that addresses these issues. You will come away with an understanding of the health concerns relevant to you, dietary and lifestyle recommendations, along with notes or handouts. I may recommend herbal tinctures, capsules or powders, supplements, Bach Flower remedies, supportive naturopathic techniques and lifestyle changes. If needed, pathology testing such as stool, saliva. or blood analysis may be recommended.

Follow-up Consultation – ½ Hour

Braintree – £50
Skype – £50

A follow-up appointment will take place 2-4 weeks later to see how you are responding, what you find difficult and is an opportunity to acquire further advice. It is a good time to ‘tweak’ the protocol, and see how to make lasting changes. A condition that has developed over years will need a long-term approach.

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Prices of Herbal Medicine Prescriptions

Standard tincture prescription £9.00 (per 100ml -1 week)

(Therefore a month’s worth of tincture prescription, usually costs £36)

Herbal powders mix £14.00 for 100 gram (2 weeks)

Bach Flower remedy mix 30 ml bottle £7.