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Helga Frost – Alternative Medicine Specialist

BSc (Biology). MSc ( Zoology), Medical Scientist (Cork University Hospital: Researching Type 2 diabetics, kidney and dialysis patients. Continued at Queen Mary University of London Hospital, and Western Infirmary, Glasgow)

Do you have a niggly feeling that all is not right with you? Maybe you have a chronic condition that has been with you for years but just doesn’t respond to the treatment you are getting? Or maybe you are like many who despite their best efforts, cannot convince their medical practitioner to try a different approach? Are you concerned about the vaccination/s you are being urged to take or that your children should take? Have the risks and benefits been explained to you? Instead of drugs and/or surgery, have you ever considered a non-pharmaceutical or natural approach?

The result is that your medical condition has worsened, even though it may have changed over time.

Why choose me?


As a qualified herbalist (Dip. CNM) I can make up a unique blend of herbal medicines, tinctures, powders, teas, creams, and oils, that will be specific and made up just for you alone. The selection will be made from my well-stocked dispensary of over two hundred mostly organic and biodynamic herbs, sourced from high quality and safety checked suppliers.


As a qualified naturopath(Dip CNM), trained to use safe and effective natural therapies to activate the body’s own self- healing capabilities. By using a variety of strategies and methods, which may include herbal medicine, nutrition, diet, Bach Flower remedies and lifestyle recommendations, we work to remove obstacles to healing, while supporting the body’s innate healing tendency. The focus is on the whole person, taking the total of the physical, emotional, mental well being into consideration “The main function of your body is to constantly heal and repair itself. Repair YOU.” Dr. Schulze

Nutritional Therapist & Gluten Certified Practitioner

As a qualified naturopathic nutritional therapist consultant (Dip. CNM), I use an approach that is centered on you as a person, rather than disease focused. After identifying any imbalances, the underlying causes will be considered and addressed. The importance of diet is often overlooked by conventional medical approaches. The information given out by the media, state medicine, government and advertising, adds to total confusion about what one should do. Let me help you to cut through all this information and find the best way forward, for you, as the unique individual.

Helga Frost

“Let’s help you achieve a naturally healthy life”

“Let’s get started on repairing or mitigating your current illness”

“Let’s be positive and begin to address your problems, NOW”

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Medical Herbalist

Medical Scientist



Gluten Certified Practitioner