Naturopath – “Self-Healing” Medicine Practitioner

On many levels, Conventional Medicine ( NHS/state medicine ) has become detached from reality. So often the focus of Conventional Medicine, is symptom suppression, rather than addressing the root cause. The admitted overuse of antibiotics is one such example. Neither is there a direct link that matches payment received by doctors, to results or patient satisfaction. Doctors get paid regardless of the consequences of their actions. The mechanic only gets paid if the car owner is satisfied. It may be grudging satisfaction, but it is an agreement after the fact.

The interests of those who manage and gain the most remuneration from the NHS/HSE appears to be at the centre of this huge machine. And so, patients are ‘slotted in for procedures’, and risk being cast aside and excluded,’ if they will not do as they are told and don’t/won’t present themselves for such and such an operation to be carried out on them’. There is a valid suspicion for believing that there is a quota of operations/procedures and somehow they have to be met if the NHS department is to survive and thrive.

How often is the patient encouraged to question these self-selected Gods and ask; Do I need this surgery? Show me the scans. Is this procedure carried out by surgeon X, safe? What are surgeon X’s operational stats? What are the risks of this procedure? What are the benefits? As a Naturopath, I aim to empower, motivate and educate you, to gain more control over your life and health, encourage you to ask questions and to remember, that if you want to enjoy a long contented life, you have to treat your body with care and regular nourishment.
A Naturopath does not simply treat the symptoms of a disease and its effects but searches for the cause and addresses this. Today we live in a very polluted environment of chemical toxins, surrounded by a sea of additional industrial, domestic and digital pollution. We consume denatured food which has been fast-tracked from all over the world. Most people are short of nutrients and have an excess of toxins in their bodies. These conditions eventually cause havoc with our health. As a modern-day Naturopath, I use herbal medicine with all its minerals and vitamins, flower essences, biochemical supplements, homoeopathic remedies and detoxification methods, to guide you to vibrant health. Or at least mitigate your present illness.

My approach is to look at imbalances in the whole body, by taking a careful case history and carrying out a physical examination of tongue, pulse, eyes and blood pressure (much of this can be done on Skype). If required, specific tests can be ordered, such as blood, urine, breath, saliva or stool, in order to find out what is going on. As a Medical Scientist, I read, explain and interpret medical test reports.